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Lielās dizaina krēsl-šūpoles - aveņu rozā

Lielās dizaina krēsl-šūpoles - aveņu rozā

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Izmērs: 80 x 80 x 50, weight 8kg 

 Krāsa: aveņu rozā (foto tumšākās).

Our Hanging Chair Swing for indoor and outdoor use is one of a kind product in the market. Each hammock chair is made with hands and all of the details have this luxury feel and look.

Absolutely perfect product to put in your home design to get that unique and luxury taste of your apartment, house or even office.

The natural way to bring your body into a state of serenity. There’s something about the natural sway of this beautiful hanging chair that simply allows your body to relax and your mind to mellow. Even after the most difficult of days, sitting or laying in this chair will rock away the hassles, irritations and stresses so you can just relax the stress away. It’s great for teens and children.

Giving You a Well-Deserved Experience
Imagine yourself in your swinging chair, the sun peeking above the horizon. The orange sun glows, giving you the perfect light and mood to finish the last pages of your book. Could you imagine this perfect little place, where you find peace from within? We have imagined this place for you. Our motivation is that you enhance your life with more time for yourself. Connect with the experiences that make you happy.

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