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2,4m dubultais pītais bortiņš - zils/balts

2,4m dubultais pītais bortiņš - zils/balts

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2,4m bortiņš.

augstums 17cm


100% linen or cotton fabric

High quality polyester filling.


Cotton ropes


Shipping & Returns

Shipping worldwide.

Package weight 5kg.


Care Instructions

Spot cleaning only.

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Which swing is best for indoor?

Mamamuu indoor swings are perfect for living room, works beautifully as interior design element.

Can I put a swing inside my house?

Yes! Totally. Any room will be perfect for Mamamuu indor swings.

Why do adults swing?

Swinging has a natural effect on our proprioceptive system, it boosts vestibular development. One of the biggest therapeutic benefits to swinging is that it can help calm nerves or anxiety.

Swinging also increases the blood flow to the brain, which helps kids focus and pay attention.