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Braided Bumper
Braided bumper is made out of 3 strands and will be around 14cm high ( 5.5 inches).

Double Braided Bumper
Double braided bumper is made out of 4 strands and will be around 17cm high (6.7 inches).

Crib bumper set comes with matching ties, so bumper can be attached in your desired place.

Made out of high quality materials:
• 100% linen fabric
• Hollow fibre


What size of bumper should I choose?

Bumper length depends on the bed (or crib) size. Measure mattress and add sides you want to cover.
For example. If your crib is 132 x 71cm, then for full 4 side coverage, just add up
132+132+71+71= 406cm.

What fabric is crib bumper made of?

Bumpers are made out of 100% linen fabric.

How to attach braided crib bumper?

It comes with matching linen fabric ties so you can attach in your desired spots.