Mamamuu pītie bortiņi

Visiem bortiņiem iepazīšanās atlaide -60%.

Atlaide piemērojas automātiski (redzama, ievietojot produktu grozā).


What size of bumper should I choose?

Bumper length depends on the bed (or crib) size. Measure mattress and add sides you want to cover.
For example. If your crib is 132 x 71cm, then for full 4 side coverage, just add up
132+132+71+71= 406cm.

The same goes for inches.

What material is used for braided crib bumpers?

Mamamuu braided crib bumpers are made out of 100% linen fabric, filled with high quality hollow fibre balls.

How to attach braided crib bumper?

It comes with matching linen fabric ties so you can attach in your desired spots.

Are braided bumper pads safe?

Braided bumpers are the best option for wiggly toddlers (12M+), so their sleep is more uninterupted if their feet or hand gets stuck between rails.

Braided bumpers can be used for toddler beds as well to avoid hitting against walls and have more cozy surroundings.

Do your own research of what feels the best for your little one.